Aabrang, Farsi Art and Music school is an educational, energetic and interactive Farsi class for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families. It’s filled with Arts and Crafts, games, vocal and music.

For the past decade Armin Antique, the founder of Aabrang school, has drawn upon his background in Art, theater, music and studies of Early Childhood Education to create a program that explores art and music with focus in Iranian culture and language. In his class he encourages the kids to learn Farsi alphabet and vocabulary by using various techniques to make Farsi learning enjoyable. In no time, the kids are singing in Farsi as they play music, dance,doing Art and having fun!


  • Invite the new generation to learn and enjoy Iranian Art and music.

  • Enrich children’s knowledge of Farsi alphabet and vocabulary.

  • Experience social exposure in a fun and dynamic way through Arts and Crafts, storytelling, games, puppet play, music, singing and dancing with Farsi songs in various subjects.

  • Introducing children to the rich Iranian culture at an early age to encourages a life-long love of Farsi, Art and music. Encouraging them to explore their cultural identity and traditions.

  • Create an Iranian-American community to serve the kids and the families .

  • Interacting and engaging with the act of making handcrafts and music is an important step in child development. It is a great early appropriated developmental way to unfold their social and physical abilities.