Armin Antique(Antighechian) is a New York based musician, theater director and TEACHER !

He has earned his BFA in Theater Directing and has directed several plays and composed music for films, documentaries and plays. He has also written scripts for animation series. 

Armin has received various awards and nominations for his plays and composing, including the best original score at San Diego Horror movie festival,best orginal score in Fadjr festival, best music score in Nahal Festival and so many more. In 2009 his play, “two clowns and a half” was among the the best Plays in “The National Inter-University Theater Festival in Iran. and then He was the youngest theater director in the history of Fadjr theater festival (the most prestigious theater festival in middle east) in 2010. 

He has collaborated with acknowledged artists such as Hassan Majouni, Marjan Farsad, Ida Shah Ghasemi, Jaber Ramezani and many other bands and artists. 

Armin has 10 years of experience in early childhood education. He has written several songs and plays for kids and has been teaching children’s Art, music and theater classes such as “Gymboree”, “Pardis for Children”, “Yeki-boud”, “Parker Anderson Enrichment” and “The Learning Experience”.